Celebration 2nd consecutive world tournament decision! ! (3/31)

On the 31st of Japan time on the second day of the game, we received the chairman’s award of the Hawaii Regional! This award is one of the most prestigious of the FRC competitions, and it was a surprise that we were able to receive it although we were only.on our second year of the activity. The award honors the team that best practices FIRST’s mission as a model for other teams, and not only encourages modern youths to become leaders in science and technology, but also stimulates the interest in them . It was made to maintain the ultimate goal which is to change the culture.

The activities we’ve been working hard has been evaluated and we are honored. At the beginning, robots freguently broke and had to adjust it many times. In time the robot’s movements became solid and remained in the final tournament, but the final ranking was 11 out of 34 teams.
Also, with the award of the chairman ’s award, SAKURA Tempesta can participate in this year’s World Congress in Detroit! We will participate in the world championships for two consecutive years.

Without the support of sponsor companies, individual sponsors, mentors and family members, it was imossible that we could accomplish this. We’re really thankful. Robots will be transported directly from Hawaii to Detroit, but we will rework them in Japan and exchange broken parts, and we will do our best to achieve better results, so I hope that you will continue to support us all.


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