Joining SAKURA Tempesta as a member/mentor


We are seeking students who want to be a member of SAKURA Tempesta and our FRC team. 

【What you can experience in our team】

  • Engineering: Designing, building, and programming a robot. 
  • PR: Managing our social media accounts and website, publishing activity reports, designing team merchandise, creating team videos, and making shipping documents.
  • Marketing: Creating partner plans, reaching out to possible corporate partners, and communicating with our partners.
  • Outreach activities: Creating contents of and running outreach events.


No experience needed, but you need to be a 7-12th grade student (12-19 years old.)  

All people who are willing to challenge themselves in

  • robotics (we use Java to program our robots),
  • cooperating with our partners,
  • practicing English, etc

are welcome to join!

【Our workplace】

5th floor fuRo, Chiba Institute of Technology Tsudanuma Campus 

【Maximum number of members】


【In order to apply】

Please fill out this form below

label_importantApplication form

【Important notes】

Members who wish to travel to regionals/championships are expected to pay for their traveling expenses. Depending on team’s financial situations, team will decide whether or not members can get partial travel awards.

All photos and videos taken during activities will be used by SAKURA Tempesta and organizations to which SAKURA Tempesta grants permission.


We’re seeking people who wish to work as mentor to support members in our team.


  • Teaching your skills and knowledge to members
  • Assisting members in various ways
  • Encouraging mutual communications between members and mentors
  • Building cozy, inclusive atmosphere in and outside the workplace

【Fields in need】

Managing team finances with members.
Educating members to be well-versed in safety.
・Company visists
Visiting companies with members.
(The visits tend to happen in weekday evenings.)
Assisting members with designing, building, and programming robots.
(We use Java to program our robot.)


・19 years old or older (Does not include high school seniors who are 19.)
・Passionate about participating in this team as mentor

【Our workspace】

5th floor fuRo, Chiba Institute of Technology Tsudanuma Campus

【Maximum numbers of mentors】

【Important notes】
We really appreciate that you are considering to be a part of us as a mentor, but depending on the situation, please expect that you might need to do other work outside your profession.

【In order to apply】

Please fill out the form below.
label_importantApplication form