visited SCHUNK・JAPAN’s

Today we were visited SCHUNK・JAPAN’s showroom!

By watching the SCHUNK’s history video, we understood about SCHUNK’s idea. Later, they listened to our story diligently. We talked about FRC, SAKURA Tempest’s goal, Hawaii Regional’s situation, thoughts for championship, and fundraising.

There were a lot of interesting and nice products in the showroom. For example, there was a Gripper which is designed safe enough for human who working nearby. In addition,There was the device in order to keep the robot in a convenient place, that enable to detach the robot easily. Also, there was a robotic hand whose shape is like a real human’s one. We asked questions about their robots and they showed me some movements.We really appreciate SCHUNK for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.

From now on we will be doing more outreach events!!


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