Robotics workshop by students for female students

Rikochare “Robotics workshop by students for female students” ran by our team and BOSCH Japan successfully finished! Beyond our expectation, probability of winning this free robotics workshop was less than 50%, which made us very grateful because we found the fact that many girls are seeking their opportunities to learn robotics.

More than 80 people came to our workshop! Although most participants had never built any robot before, they all were able to build their robots without having a big problem!

For decoration of the robots, BOSCH supplied us with lots of their glue guns!

Café 1886 at Bosch gave us free sandwitches and free drinks! They all tasted very good! It seems like the cafe is open to public, so you should visit there if you have any chance going to Shibuya!

We are so glad that many girls found robotics very interesting. We will be doing our best to provide many opportunities like this, so please cheer us on!



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