Visit to teamLab (11/7)

We, SAKURA Tempesta went to teamLab Planets TOKYO and teamLab Borderless Tokyo.
We took counter measures against COVID-19 as it is going to be contained.
Because it had been so long since we last met offline, we introduced ourselves.

In the morning, we went to teamLab Planets TOKYO located in Toyosu, where we immersed our bodies, and with others and become one with the world according to its theme.
Especially, the exhibition with water images projected on the surface of the water was so mystical.


Afternoon, we moved to teamLab Borderless Tokyo in Odaiba. It is so huge that the members went around in separate groups.
In Athletics Forest, the animals we drew were immediately projected on the floor, and we found pleasure in athletics and artworks.
However, We didn’t have enough time to see all of the exhibitions. Therefore, some of members reentered it after the dissolution.


Since teamLab Borderless will unfortunately be closed next year, we recommend going there if you haven’t already!

At lunch, we read an article of incorporation of SAKURA Tempesta to confirm our mission, the team structure, and so on. All of us agreed on the perceptions.

With this activity as a starting point, SAKURA Tempesta will continue to take on new challenges
Also, we would like to thank teamLab for giving us this opportunity.



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