Selected as a recipient of a fund by Autodesk Foundation for COVID-19 related outreach activities

Autodesk Japan has selected SAKURA Tempesta to be a recipient of the fund which they give to a non-profit organization that engages in creating solutions for the challenges by COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, Autodesk Foundation has donated us $25,000 (~¥2,600,000).

Last week, we had an online award ceremony where we got to share our activities through presentations. As Autodesk Japan has been supporting us since the very beginning of our existence in various aspects including Fusion 360 workshops and outreach activities, we were very happy when Oda-san (Hiroyoshi Oda, Representative Director of Autodesk Ltd. Japan), education group and the employees gave us so many positive feedback. 

In addition to when we create our robots, we have been using Fusion 360 to create the face shields as well! With so much gratitude to everyone who’s been cheering us on, we are very excited to be able to do our best to keep working on our projects!




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