About event participation due to coronavirus

Currently, coronavirus infections are spreading worldwide, raising concerns.

We were scheduled to attend the Iowa Regional, which will take place between 3/25 and 28, but the University of Northern Iowa, where the event will be held, informed us that it will enforce a 2-week isolation period for visitors from Japan.

With less than two weeks before the event, we regret to announce that we will be dropping out of Iowa.

We are currently considering participating in other regional event, but we are not sure if we can.

If we are unable to attend, we are considering applying for the Chairman’s Award by submitting a presentation video.

We will inform you on the team website and SNS as soon as the team’s response is decided.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we look forward to your continued support of SAKURA Tempesta.

[toggle title=”Chinese”]目前,冠状病毒的感染在全球范围内正在扩大,并且关注正在增加。

我们计划参加将于3/25至28年举行的爱荷华州会议,但我们被告知,来自Northern Iowa大学的日本游客将被迫隔离2周,这是比赛的场地有。




让您担心,但我们将继续支持SAKURA Tempesta。





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