Lecture by Mr. Hoshi Kento from JobRainbow (5/30)

On May 30th, Mr. Hoshi Kento lectured us about LGBT.

The lecture was invaluable as we were able to hear about things such as actual experiences. From the lecture I thought that we should value the differences between each other, and work toward a society where everyone can live happily.

<Our Member’s Thoughts>

From the talk, I’ve realized that, as I live normally at school, home, and more there are problems between friends and people close to us, which some would find uncomfortable to live in. There are many more people like that in our society that we just don’t notice. I am a girl interested in engineering, a minority, and I’ve come to recognize the high barrier of entry for girls entering the field of engineering and thus I am currently working to solve the issue.

Today’s lecture was especially insightful, as within our effort, we often face discrimination that is developed unconsciously throughout a person’s childhood.

It also gave me a chance to think about what I can do at school to resolve some of the issues. I am very thankful for today’s lecture as it made me recognize important facts as to live in our society.

From the lecture I was able to learn that our society cannot be categorized by just male or females, but are actually composed of diverse groups of people. From this thinking it is ridiculous that our society right now is a one that is hard to live for them and that we should resolve said issues as it brings many merits to everyone. I want to become a person who can effectively take up this issue and collect data, logically prove to companies about the importance of this issue.

It was an invaluable experience to hear about a topic that you do not hear often. From the lecture I learned that people who are LGBT suffer more than I have ever imagined. In addition, it was a great learning experience as what I though was good for LGBT people are not what is needed by them. I was astounded by the fact that in the corporate level, companies that put importance on diversity was growing even during the pandemic.

It was a very meaningful lecture as I was able to listen about LGBT. There are opinions that gender is a gradient or it is something that can be scaler. Hearing that in some countries that there are decent number people who are uncertain about their gender, I thought that as there are numbers of personality as the number of people, so is the case for expression for one’s gender and should be discriminated as they are categorized. In my opinion Japan has too strong Ike of defining everything.

For example, the idea of what male and females should do can be found everywhere in our daily lives.

As such we have unconscious discrimination of information that we took in unconsciously. So, we should understand each other and tell your opinion. Diversity has been put under the spotlight, but understanding each other is important since without it we are isolated as a person. Therefore, I believe that inclusion is also has great weight and we should not take for granted.

This is the website by the host of the lecture Mr. Hoshi “JobRainbow”, a recruiting platform. →LGBT recruiting website “JobRainbow

Thankyou Mr. Hoshi for the lecture.


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